Service Charter

GLSC Goals

The GLSC has set its goals for the period of 2013 – 2015. These are to:

  1. maximize Aboriginal control of land and sea within the region through native title and other means;
  2. assist claimants benefits resulting from Right to Negotiate;
  3. ensure that the voice of Aboriginal people is heard in relation to land, sea, heritage and environmental matters within the region;
  4. protection and management of Aboriginal cultural and natural heritage; and
  5. provide an effective representative service for Goldfields Aboriginal people; assist native title claimants to maximise the economic opportunities offered by native title and land acquisition.


GLSC Functions

The functions of the GLSC as a representative body are set out in s.203AD of the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth). These are, in summary to:

  1. facilitate the researching and preparation of applications for native title and native title compensation;
  2. assist in resolving disagreements between native title claimants;
  3. represent native title claimants in negotiations, proceedings, land use and access agreements and other matters;
  4. where appropriate, certify the proper basics for applications and registration of agreements; and
  5. become a party to Indigenous land use agreements.


The GLSC also performs other functions benefiting its position as peak Aboriginal land body for the Goldfields region.


Service Commitment

The GLSC is committed to:

  1. providing a high standard of service to its clients;
  2. ensuring fair treatment to all those with whom it comes in contact;
  3. being truly representative of its members;
  4. avoiding conflicts of interest in decision making;
  5. having a proper system of decision review; and
  6. effectively communicating native title information to its members.